Urban&Regional Planning

Urban planning, building code enforcement, urban design projects.

Alongside research and development studies on structural design and earthquake engineering, Prota also offers planning services, such as urban and rural planning, hazard risk mitigation, and urban regeneration, and undertakes urban design works either as part of research and development studies or for urban code development in the country.

Regarding urban planning services, Prota is proud to conduct studies that produce feasible solutions to Turkey’s planning issues based on comprehensive analyses and evaluations and taking into account the latest international methods and approaches.

Urban design studies include planning, architecture, and a range of engineering disciplines. Prota, in this sense, adopts an approach which takes into account the urban effect, and contributes to various urban design projects, either directly or indirectly.

Following the 1999 Marmara Earthquake, Prota has conducted a number of research and development projects, such as “Integration of Earth Science Data to Spatial Planning”, “Development of Planning and Urban Design Standards in Disaster Risky Areas”, “Building Code Enforcement Analysis”, ‘‘Prioritization Process of Public Buildings in Cities That Have Seismic Risks’’ and ‘‘Capacity Development Training for Promotion of Kabul Metropolitan Area Development’’. These projects were undertaken in collaboration with a team of experts, academicians, and public authorities belonging to architecture, planning, and engineering disciplines. The World Bank funded some of them.

Within the scope of such projects, action plans and guiding manuals have been prepared for the use of local and central public institutions, and proposal drafts have been suggested for the development of new legislations.