Earthquake Engineering

As the first engineering company in Turkey to focus on earthquake engineering, this area is a specific field of expertise for Prota...

In all around the world, there have been several losses from natural disasters. Rapid urbanization and inefficient disaster management without mitigation systems can be considered as the main factors which increase these losses in property and human life. The reduction of growing rates of risks that are particularly concentrated in cities today is the major objective and challenge for the national and international disasters policy.

As the first engineering company to focus on earthquake engineering in Turkey, Prota specializes in the retrofit design of buildings and large structures, seismic capacity assessment, repair and strengthening of damaged buildings, and software development for structural finite element analysis, design, and detailing. Prota has performed post-earthquake field inspections, damage assessments and retrofit designs, and numerous renovation projects following the 1992 Erzincan, 1995 Dinar, 1998 Adana/Ceyhan, 1999 Marmara, 2002 Sultandağı, and the 2003 Bingöl earthquakes in Turkey. It has been involved in several projects funded by international organizations as well as in seismic risk mitigation projects funded by some Turkish ministries.

As engineers, our responsibility to the community is not only to perform designs for earthquake resistant structures but also to develop guiding methods for earthquake risk mitigation and disaster management, generate earthquake specific planning approaches, and assist in the development of relevant standards and codes nation-wide. Prota in association with academicians has been developed a prioritization method under the Prioritization of High Seismic Risk Provinces and Public Buildings study funded by WB. It also directly involved in the formation of the Draft Turkish Code for “Buildings to be constructed under Disaster Zones” as well.

Besides the cooperative research ventures with academic institutions, Prota has also participated in numerous training sessions regarding earthquake engineering regulations and practices.