Building Design

We shape safer and stronger built environment focusing on sustainability and buildability...

Prota began life dealing with architectural and engineering design with an initial focus on building design. The company has grown over the years by specailizing in design of various kinds of buildings such as residential, educational, historical, commercial, retail, parking, transportation structures, sports and social facilities.

We strive to respond our client’s demands on their projects by offering a wide range of alternatives and developing innovative and tasteful solutions. Prota’s success in building design lies under its inter-disciplinary nature that combines architecture, civil, structural, electrical, mechanical engineering and landscape architecture within its body which allows Prota to deliver holistic solutions for its clients.

Your safety our priority

Our extensive experience and expertise in structural engineering enable us to deliver safe buildings to our clients. Prota provides an extensive automation and technological contributions in structural  design capacity by its in-house software development unit, Probina, an integrated solution for dedicated analysis, design and drafting for reinforced concrete building structures.
In addition Prota’s expertise in earthquake engineering certainly contributes to produce structurally safe and high quality buildings.

Sustainability for future

From the inception of design, our team of highly knowledgable and experienced architects and engineers have worked together with other design team members for a successful green project.
Our design provides ways to bring more natural light into the building, supporting energy conservation measures such as double walls and green roofs, and selecting the structural materials to be used by defining the basic structure and the scope of a project.