Bursa Şevket Yılmaz State Hospital

With a total of 150 bed capacity, Bursa Şevket Yılmaz State Hospital is located in Yıldırım Disrict of Bursa Province. The building is designed to increase the existing hospital service capacity in more equipped way and is planned to be constructed next to the existing hospital building and the connection between two hospitals is provided by a bridge. The architectural design is prepared by PEB Mimarlık Ltd. Şti. 

Hospital building consists of one single block. The building has two basement floors and 8 upper floors. Building plan area is decreased at the upper floors as it can be seen from the images. Downstairs floors are operational floors while the upper ones have the patient’s rooms. Due to mechanical member placement constraints, 30 cm. thick mushroom slab is preferred.

Building is designed as seismically isolated. Building vital equipment are placed starting from the 2nd basement floor, seismic isolation level is assigned as the top of the column of 2nd basement floor which is used as car park area. For the shear walls of elevator and bottom of the stairs, isolation level is designated at the bottom of the 2nd basement floor.  After any possible earthquakes, hospital is ensured to be kept as operational by such a base isolation system design.  


  • LocationBursa, Turkey
  • ClientMinistry of Health
  • Total Closed Area40.100 m²
  • Term of Contract2015