We offer holistic solutions to  transport projects...

With the 25 years of experience and knowledge, Prota generates and offers solutions in order to meet the needs of its customers for a great deal of access to structures from bus terminals, subway stations, airports to rail systems. With its expert technical team which is experienced in the sector of transportation, Prota renders services such as planning, feasibility studies, project and construction management, design and construction supervising.

Offering several multi-disciplinary services including basic disciplines such as structural design, telecommunication, geotechnical, electro mechanics, electrics and mechanics as well as bridge, tunnel, headwall, line way construction, airport structures, architectural design of underground and terrestrial transportation structures in transportation engineering make Prota one of the leading companies in the sector.  Prota has undertaken both international and local railway projects that are preferred as a public transportation mode due to low operation costs, incident risks, high travel capacity and low energy consumption.

Engineers of Prota have brought innovations to metro stations and tunnel structures using geotechnical solutions.

Rail Sytems

Public transport is a large part of our daily life today. Both transit and freight transportation demands are increasing. In addition to the increasing demands, rail and public transportation sector face many complex challanges such as rising energy prices, the cost and world demand for construction materials, and growing sustainability and environmental concerns.

We help our clients in meeting those challenges and find viable solutions by leveraging our deep knowledge and experience in rail sector.  Our experience and skilled resources enable us to provide a wide range of services in the transportation sector from planning and Project delivery&control through design, design quality check, construction planning and supervision.

Through its incessant research and development activities, Prota has undersigned innovative geotechnical solutions for underground transportation structures.

With our deep expertise in this specialized area, we now have a leading reputation in the Turkey's rail sector. We recently accomplished Kadıköy Kartal Metro Project which is the  longest metro line in Turkey. 

We are also a part of the joint venture for MARMARAY, Contract CR3, Gebze – Halkalı Commuter Rail Upgrading: Civil & Electrical & Mechanical Systems which covers the upgrading of 63 km of existing railway on both the Asian and European shores to connect with the 14 km cross-Bosporus link, creating a 77 km cross-city commuter corridor linking Gezbe and Halkali.


Airports are architectural icons which represent their cities and its people. However, at the same time, travellers should feel comfortable and safe within the terminals we create. Our skill in structural engineering has allowed us to grow along with the airport industry, putting us in the unique position to design structural systems of airports which need to be a part of the early steps about the organization of the building.

Prota offers innovative solutions in designing airport terminals and buildings by helping its clients in successfully meeting the constant challenges that are part of the aviation industry and in fulfilling the client’s objectives and needs.

Our services includes initial planning and feasibility studies, design, tendering, construction supervision, commissioning and rehabilitation. Prota works in collaboration with other project teams to create functional, safe and