Sports Facilities

We design multi-functional sport facilities...

Attending matches and other sporting activities are an integral and a vital part of our culture and our tradition. Stadiums vary differently in human capacity from a few thousand to tens of thousands. Many clubs and stadiums provide activities and facilities other than game days and are an important part of the local community life. Common to all is the need to provide well designed, managed and operated facilities that meet the expectations and the demands of spectators, all of whom wish to experience and enjoy the thrills and the excitement that these occasions can deliver. We are helping to provide environments that work well for all users and the broader community. Our design approach focuses on both functionality and aesthetics that affects the success of the sports facilities. Most importantly we consider accessibility in our design so the finished facility can meet the expectations and the needs of clients and building users.

Prota provides all aspects of design for sport facilities from the beginning of concept design to the end of site supervision. Bringing their expertise and considering the size, location, climate, cultural and economic aspects of the projects, our designers produce more cost-effective, flexible and functional facilities from swimming pools to tennis courts and the multi-use sport complexes to stadiums.