We create inspiring and functional spaces...

As people's lifestyles change, their way of spending their leisure time and leisure activity preferences also changes correspondingly. Besides that, shopping malls are becoming more and more popular for people especially in Turkey. As the shopping malls become more integrated parts of the people, the need for this expertise grows. 

In designing the shopping malls which becomes a more integrated part of our lives, we work in collaboration with leading architects and developers to create distinctive, competitive and high quality spaces. We offer a full range of services from surveying through architectural and structural design, planning and development and construction management. Our expertise enables us to provide inspiring and functional spaces.

As a firm and as individuals, we’re committed to create environments that enhance the human conditions and preserve our natural resources.
That is why we are continually working to improve our design to incorporate sustainable design principles into our projects.

Today’s building owners also have the opportunity to renew existing buildings, to conserve energy and to maximize their return on investment. We are helping our clients to create high performance buildings.