We provide cost-effective, reliable and tailored made  solutions to our customers...

In designing the buildings and houses which we all live, we work with architects, developers as well as with our clients in collaboration to create well-designed, comfortable, safe and desirable homes.

People live in several different types of houses which suit their needs. Prota provides design services for all residential building types to meet the expectations and the needs of the people. These services range from private dwellings to high-rise residential. Our expertise also includes the design of mix-use buildings that require effective integration of residential accommodation with retail and commercial activities.

Sustainability for future

We strive to improve people’s quality of life through our work. While delivering buildings in which the people feel safe and comfortable, we also incorporate the sustainability of those buildings into our design. This allows us to deliver the houses and apartments with the features of maximum natural light, good air flow, low energy use, and low maintanace cost.

Your safety our priority

Our extensive experience and expertise in structural engineering enable us to help our clients deliver safe buildings.

We are also higly skilled in retrofitting of existing residential buildings. Prota has conducted many researches on assessment of earthquake performance and retrofitting of residential buildings. Prota has also successfully accomplished several projects in this field. For instance, feasible retrofitting solutions have been developed for selected residential midrise apartment buildings in Istanbul.