Hotel and Leisure

Prota delivered numerous projects related to tourism investments.

Since its foundation, Prota has been specializing in building design, and has undertaken thousands of structural designs and provided supervision and consultancy in several countries. Among these projects are business centers, shopping malls, residential buildings, housing complexes, and satellite cities, office buildings, educational buildings, healthcare facilities, transportation structures, and stations, industrial buildings, public buildings, sports fields and centers, recreation and social structures, and underground and aboveground parking facilities.

Prota’s success lies in its interdisciplinary nature that combines architecture, civil, structural, electrical, mechanical engineering, and landscaping design within its body, which allows offering holistic solutions to the customers. Besides engineering and architectural services, Prota also provides initial and complementary services during the design stage, such as feasibility studies, cost and quantity estimations, and technical specifications preparations, and inspection and quality control services.