We provide highest quality health care facilities by integrating sustainable design features...

Prota provides engineering services for a wide range of healthcare facility types, from small and relatively simple medical clinics to large, complex, teaching and research hospitals. We provide our clients a broad array of planning, design and construction management services that enables our clients to achieve their goals timely and economically with high quality.

Prota helps to create innovative, life-enhancing and flexible environments for healthcare facilities evolving rapidly. To deliver high-performing facilities, our highly qualified staff brings their expertise in architectural, civil structural, mechanical, electrical and other disciplines.

We strive to create sustainable high performance healthcare facilities by moving beyond the building design. We incorporate sustainable design features  into health care facility design, including daylighting, energy and water conservation, nontoxic materials and finishes.

Successful Performance with base-isolation system

Our expertise doesn’t end with healthcare facility design and construction management services In Turkey. we also have a leading reputation in base-isolated hospital design.  By combining our deep knowledge of earthquake engineering with our skills in structural engineering, we are able to deliver earthquake resistant healthcare facilities. We designed Erzurum Health Campus which is the largest and the most comprehensive hospital designed by using base-isolation system in Turkey.

Base isolated design can be applied both for new structural design and seismic retrofit. For example, Marmara Başıbüyük Training and Reseach Hospital in İstanbul were seismically retrofitted by Prota using the Base Isolation System.