Prota provides highest quality healthcare facilities by integrating sustainable design features.

Being the first Turkish engineering consultancy company in earthquake engineering, Prota continues to play its innovative and pioneer role in this sector under the scope of “constructing safe cities, safe buildings” motto which was taken seriously by the local health sector in recent years.Prota believes that correct perception of earthquake risks and effective reflection of scientific solutions to the practice are of utmost importance for a seismic-prone country to be able to reach a healthy and long lasting growth level in construction sector.   

Nowadays, modern seismic engineering targets not only preventing potential loss of lives, but also focus on keeping the vital buildings like healthcare buildings, and infrastructures like major urban lifelines and main transportation facilities functional during and after the earthquakes. Base isolation technology especially developed for assuring the immediate occupancy after any potential quake. Comprehensive application of base isolated structures in Turkey is not very far, while it has quite long past in some seismic prone developed countries. Base isolation system for buildings is introduced to decouple the building structure from potentially damaging induced by earthquake motion, preventing the building superstructures from absorbing the earthquake energy.  

Prota, developed building-specific structural design techniques to apply base isolation  technologies within the extent of performance based seismic engineering. Prota participates in scientific studies for the high level design of seismically isolated buildings and contributes to the development of economically sound and higher seismic performance technologies.   

Prota has already designed various type of base isolated structures for many hospital campuses and airport structures and provided design and technical consultancy in procurement and installation processes of seismic isolators for both public and private sector clients.  

In addition to the design services given in this field, Prota continues to contribute to the development new generation seismic codes and base isolation specifications within the scope of research and development activities. Prota professionals keep going to submit papers in the international and local earthquake and structural engineering conferences and share their valuable experiences in the worldwide engineering platforms.     

Prota is a member of Turkish Association for Base Isolation. Prota organizes biannual international symposiums to provide a discussion forum for latest earthquake engineering developments, seismic isolation technologies, and its applications by bringing together themain stakeholders who include clients, public institutions, administrations, engineers, consultants, contractors, manufacturers, scientists.