We design for  people to “reinforce the future”…

We are aware of that well-designed educational facility can enhance performance and make education more enjoyable and efficient. Hence we know that our designs have also social purpose.  We founded our approach to educational facilities on working interactively and collaboratively with architects, educators  and stakeholders to find the best technical solution.

Our services range from design and construction supervision to renovation and retrofitting of a variety of educational facilities  including school buildings, dormitories, conference centers, sport halls, ateliers laboratories for every type of educational facilities covering primary schools, high schools and university campuses.

Since  its foundation, Prota has involved in design and/or construction supervision of more than 1,180,000 m2  of  schools and educational facilities. Prota engineers designed Kent College and Hacettepe University Dormitories which were the first steel school and dormitory buildings in Turkey.

Contribution to Sustainable Design

Prota incorporates principles of sustainable high performing buildings and recognizes its role as an integral part of the building team that includes the architect, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, contractor and others.

Prota has involved in a project to implement  IBDA (Integrated Building Design Approach)/Holistic Design Approach  to  a public school and an atelier building provided by Ministry of Education in the scope of the study of Promoting Energy Efficiency in Buildings in Turkey.  The prime consideration of the design works is to reduce energy consumption and associated GHG emissions in the buildings by means of IBDA and by using Energy Efficiency Tactics and Renewable Energy Technologies.