We bring high level of quality in design of commercial buildings…

Prota is well experienced in design of commercial and mix-use buildings. Our approach to commercial building design is founded on working interactively with the Client and within the design team to develop optimum designs.

As the population of cities increases, mix-use development is becoming increasingly essential for the creation of an attractive and sustainable living environment. So as the designer, the way we design of the buildings has been changing to meet the needs of our clients. Since mix-use buildings combine both residential and commercial spaces into one building, they are complicated and requires deep structural design experience. Our depth and breadth of expertise in structural engineering enables us to  respond to these technically challenging projects.

With its highly qualified team of engineers and the broad range of engineering software, either developed by Prota researchers and/or those found in its comprehensive library, Prota has implemented a great number of  commercial building designs with single-use and mix-use worldwide.